Trang Chủ Lớp 10 Đề thi học kì 1 lớp 10

Đề thi Tiếng Anh 10 học kì 1 trường Trung Giã : He was busy with…his homework

Trung Gia High School – THE FIRST TERM TEST ( Grade 10th )

School year 2016- 2017 –Time allowed: 45 minutes – TEST CODE: 309

I. Choose the word in each group has the underlined part pronounced differently from the rest:

1.         A. film               B. bite           C. fight            D. nice

2.         A. greedy          B. deed         C. cheese        D. cheerful

3.         A. plenty            B. fairy          C. sky             D. weekly

II. Choose the word in each group that has different stress pattern:

4.         A. computer           B. different           C. capable                 D. calculate

5.          A. explain              B. problem           C. study                     D. worry

III. Choose the underlined part that needs correcting:

6. After he finished his work, he came home.

A                B           C      D

7. Because of the weather cold today, we can’t go swimming.

A                   B             C              D

8. The television whom we bought five days ago gives very good pictures.

A               B                              C                     D

9. Where did he go last night? – He stays at home.

A       B                             C           D

10. Though I felt better, the doctor warned me to not do too much.

A                  B                          C                  D

IV. Choose the best answer ( A, B, C ,D ) that best completes each sentence :

11. Jack passed the exams with good results because of________.

A. he works hard                      B. his hard work

C. his work hard                        D. he worked hard

12. The books which I bought last week are____- .

A. interest           B. interests               C. interested              D. interesting

13. He ___________- in a bank since he ___________- school.

A. worked / left                              B. has worked / left

C. has worked / has left                 D. worked / has left

14. Nobody has invited her to the party.

A. She has been invited to the party.

B. She has been invited to the party by nobody.

C. She hasn’t been invited to the party.

D. She hasn’t been invited to the party by nobody.

15. When the students____- the experiment, the electricity ____- out.

A. were doing / were going                      B. were doing / went

C. did / went                                             D. did / were going

16. He is ______about going to France for higher _______- .

A. excite / educate                         B. excited / education

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C. exciting / education                   D. excited / educate

17. Tim went on working ___- feeling unwell.

A. although                 B. in spite of       C. because of      D. because

18. The man __- you visited last month is a famous scientist.

A. whose               B. who                    C. which              D. of whom

19. He couldn’t sleep ______- he was very tired.

A. because of                B. in spite of               C. despite            D. although

20. ____- is your school? – In the center of the city.

A. When       B. What           C. Where                 D. How

21. I haven’t seen them since that ________evening when the boat capsized.

A. memorable                  B. memory           C. memorably                  D. memorize

22. He was busy with ____his homework.

A. do                         B. doing                   C. did                                D. done

23. She got a lot of money from her father after his _____.

A. death                  B. die                    C. died                        D. deadly

24. – “Would you like to have dinner with me?”

– “______.”

A Yes, it is           BYes, so do I          C. I’m very happy       D. Yes, I’d love to

25. The bank near our house __- last Sunday.

A. has been robbed                        B. was robbed

C. is robbed                                    D. are robbed

26. Rachel’s mother paid for the meal, ____- was very kind of her.

A. that                   B. who                        C. which              D. where

27. I know ____- how she left.

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A. exactly               B. exact           C. certainly                       D. certain

28. John: “Thank you very much for a lovely party.”

Jane: “_______. ”

A. You are welcome          B. Thanks           C. Cheers                         D. Have a good day

29. By the time he _____, all his classmates ______- .

A. arrived / left                           B. had arrived / left

C. had arrived / had left            D. arrived / had left

30. His parents felt quite ___- with his exam – result.

A. contentedly             B. happiness               C. happily             D. contented

31. She has been out ____- work since last Tuesday.

A. of                B. off             C. with               D. at

32. In spite of ______, the woman tries to climb the mountain very often.

A. she is old                             B. she has old years

C. her old age                          D. having old

33. The girl ____- arrived here at 6.30 chatted with him yesterday.

A. who                  B. whom                      C. which             D. whose

34. ____- he studied hard, he failed the exam.

A. In spite of                B. Because             C. Although           D. Despite

35. They _____- a prize for the fastest three runners last year.

A. wined                    B. won               C. had won                   D. win

36. It takes me an hour ___- to school every day.

A. to go                  B. going                         C. went                      D. goes

V. Choose the word(s) CLOSEST in meaning to the underlined word(s )each of the following questions:

37. Nam has to ride his bike in narrow and crowded streets to get to school.

A. careful                 B. huge               C. cramped                  D. large

38. My parents are always contented with what I do.

A. worried about                        B. interested in

C. disappointed with                  D. satisfied with

VI. Choose the word(s) OPPOSITE in meaning to the underlined word(s) each of the following questions

39. My uncle used to be a professional photographer when he was young.

A. unable            B. amateur                 C. skillful                    D. complex

40. She refused to lend me her car.

A. permitted                 B. allowed               C. accepted                 D. requested

VII. Choose the best word to fill in each blank:

In 1816, there were no schools for the deaf in this country. Several people attempted ____( 41 ) __- schools, but all of the schools closed. There were too many problems. The first people ___( 42 ) ____- were Laurent Clerc and Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet. They opened their school in 1817, and the school did not close. It ___( 43 ) ___- the Connecticut Asylum for the Education and Instruction of Deaf and Dumb Persons. It was the only school for deaf children in America!

Clerc and Gallaudet did not know what would happen after they opened their school. They worked very hard. The school grew, and many more students enrolled. These new students were from all over the country. People thought the school would be big enough ___- ( 44 ) ___all of the deaf children in America. The school is __- ( 45 ) ___- open today, but the name was changed. Today it is called The America School for the Deaf. It is in West Hartford, Connecticut.

41.          A. starting             B. start                  C. started                      D. to start

42.          A. to succeed         B. succeed             C. succeeded                 D. succeeding

43.          A. named                B. naming              C. was named               D. was naming

44.          A. for                       B. with                  C. to                              D. about

45.          A. so                        B. still                    C. therefore                   D. in addition

VIII. Read the following passage, then choose the correct answer:

For the last few years, my children have been going to a summer camp in northern Greece called Skouras Camp. They always seem to have a good time, so if you’re wondering what to do with the kids for three weeks this summer, you could do worse than send them to this beautiful camp on the shores of the Aegean Sea. If your children, like mine, are keen on adventure, sports and good company, the Skouras Camp will keep them busy all day doing the things they most enjoy. Skouras is an international camp with children from all over the world. My children have made friends with children of their own age from Poland, China, Demark and the United States. Naturally they get lots of opportunities to practice their English as this is the only language spoken. The camp is located in one of the most beautiful parts of Chalkidiki. It is huge  ( 120,000 square meters ) and is just a stone’s throw away from the clear, blue Aegean Sea. It takes the children just five minutes to walk to the golden sandy beach on foot. The programme is packed with exciting activities such as horse riding and table tennis. Other sports include basketball, volleyball and athletics. The Camp ends with a sports contest in the last week which all parents are invited to attend.

46. All the children come to the Camp have to _________- .

A. be at the same age              B. be only keen on adventure

C. speak English                       D. practice basketball

47. How many kinds of sports can be played in the Camp?

A. 5                     B. 2                    C. 3                    D. 4

48. All the statements are true EXCEPT________________- .

A. The children will be busy taking part in the Camp’s programmed activities

B. The Camp is quite far from the Aegean Sea

C. The parents can attend their children’s sports contest

D. The children will take more chances of English practice

49. The tone of the passage could best be described as____- .

A. negative              B. disbelieving                C. supportive                   D. humorous

50. What should be the best title for the passage?

A. An international summer camp

B. Children’s summer activities

C. Advice on children caring in summer

D. Chalkidiki’s landscape – the Aegean Sea


309 304 246 101 154 328
1A 1D 1B 1D 1A 1D
2D 2A 2D 2D 2C 2D
3C 3C 3B 3A 3B 3C
4A 4A 4C 4C 4C 4D
5A 5B 5B 5B 5D 5A
6A 6B 6B 6A 6B 6C
7A 7D 7B 7A 7B 7B
8A 8B 8B 8A 8C 8C
9C 9C 9D 9C 9D 9D
10D 10B 10C 10C 10B 10B
11B 11B 11A 11A 11A 11B
12D 12B 12B 12C 12B 12C
13B 13B 13A 13B 13B 13D
14C 14D 14D 14C 14C 14B
15B 15C 15B 15D 15A 15A
16B 16A 16C 16B 16B 16B
17B 17B 17A 17B 17D 17B
18B 18A 18A 18C 18D 18C
19D 19D 19D 19D 19B 19A
20C 20B 20D 20B 20D 20B
21A 21C 21A 21A 21D 21D
22B 22A 22C 22B 22C 22D
23A 23A 23A 23B 23A 23B
24D 24D 24C 24C 24B 24D
25B 25D 25B 25A 25B 25D
26C 26A 26A 26B 26B 26C
27A 27C 27C 27D 27D 27A
28A 28A 28A 28D 28D 28B
29D 29C 29B 29B 29A 29B
30D 30B 30C 30D 30C 30B
31A 31A 31A 31D 31B 31C
32C 32C 32B 32C 32A 32B
33A 33A 33C 33A 33A 33D
34C 34B 34C 34B 34A 34D
35B 35C 35D 35B 35C 35A
36A 36A 36A 36B 36C 36D
37C 37A 37A 37C 37C 37C
38D 38A 38A 38D 38D 38D
39B 39B 39C 39D 39D 39A
40C 40C 40D 40D 40D 40B
41D 41A 41A 41D 41D 41D
42A 42D 42A 42B 42C 42B
43C 43C 43A 43D 43D 43D
44A 44C 44D 44C 44A 44C
45B 45D 45C 45B 45B 45B
46C 46A 46D 46D 46D 46A
47A 47A 47A 47C 47B 47A
48B 48A 48C 48D 48D 48A
49C 49C 49A 49A 49C 49C
50A 50D 50B 50B 50B 50C

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