Trang Chủ Lớp 10 Đề thi học kì 1 lớp 10

Đề môn Anh lớp 10 cuối học kì 1: Choose the best answer

Choose the best answer;  It is convenient for you to read__________when you travel … trong Đề môn Anh lớp 10 cuối học kì 1. Xem Đề và đáp án đầy đủ phía dưới đây


Listen to the radio programme and do the exercises to practise and improve your listening skills.

Question 1. Wing-suits allow people to fly or glide.

Question 2. Wing-suits are getting cheaper.

Question 3. Gabriele Diamanti’s water distiller is powered by the sun.

Question 4. The “enable talk gloves” help people to use sign language in really cold conditions.

Question 5. James Cameron invented a new underwater camera.

Question 6. MIT students have invented a new type of ketchup.

Question 7. The last invention is a way of producing clouds indoors.

Question 8. The science correspondent thinks the clouds are ugly.


Choose the best answer:

Question 9. My phone battery is low. Could you pass me the______________?

A. charger                           B. speaker

C. earphones                       D. printer

Question 10. It is convenient for you to read__________when you travel.

A. laptop                             B. e-books

C. computer                        D. printer

Question 11. I want to buy a digital camera because it is money-saving.

A. portable                          B. versatile

C. convenient                      D. economical

Question 12. ___________is a wonderful invention for housewives. They don’t have to wash clothes by hands anymore.

A. Refrigerator

B. Washing machine

C. Solar charger

D. Television

Question 13. Although he is___________, he is always happy and optimistic.

A. disabled                              B. energetic

C. rich                                     D. interested

Question 14. She is totally dedicated_____her work.

A. by                                       B. on

C. to                                        D. for

Question 15. ______________System lets us break down the food we eat and turn it into energy.

A. Respiratory                         B. Nervous

C. Digestive                            D. Skeletal

Give the correct form of verb in the brackets.

Question 16. I__________(wait) for you since 2 pm.

Question 17. While we___________(talk), the teacher__________(come) in.

Question 18. She_________(not use) the Internet for a long time.

Question 19. My sister wants______________(become) a lecturer.

Question 20. I use this bike for___________(ride) to school.


Choose the word whose main stress is different from the others.

Question 21.

A. family                      B. digestive

C. career                      D. solution

Question 22.

A. benefit                   B. portable

C. invention                D. popular

Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others.

Question 23.

A. contest                   B. create

C. country                   D. sociable

Question 24.

A. singer                     B. high

C. child                       D. mind


Give the correct form of words in the brackets.

Question 25. ABC is a________organization. It is set up to help handicapped people have a better life.            (PROFIT)

Question 26. Smartphone is a great________  (INVENT)

Question 27. Are you__________about our upcoming trip to London? (EXCITE)

Question 28. Doing volunteer is a_________work. It makes you feel happy and makes community better.  (MEAN)

Fill in each gap with one suitable word:

competition       generations       habit

versatile           community       smash hit

Question 29. Havana is a_______. Everyone loves it.

Question 30. The Voice is a popular singing________. It is held in many countries.

Question 31. Smoking is a bad_________. You should give it up.

Question 32. Young people should do volunteering for a better_______

Rewrite sentences:

Question 33. I find this book interesting.

I am______________

Question 34. Rihana performed this song in New York last year.

This song________________

Question 35. My mother forced me to stop playing computer games.

My mother made____________

Question 36. This is the first time I have seen such a beautiful sunset.

I have never____________

Read the follow passage then answer the questions:

Television is one of the greatest inventions in the world. It is a means of communication. The first television was demonstrated in 1927 in San Francisco. At that time, its images were black and white. Since then, it hasn’t stopped developing. Modern televisions are flat and attached to the wall. Since 2010, the viewers have had more selections of programs from the Internet because of the invention of smart TV. In 2013, 79% of the world’s households owned a television set.

Question 37. When and where was the first television demonstrated?


Question 38. Are modern televisions flat?


Question 39. Why have the viewers had more selections of programs from the Internet?


Question 40. What is the percentage of the world’s households owning a television set?


Question 1. True

Question 2. True

Question 3. True

Question 4. False

Question 5. False

Question 6. False

Question 7. True

Question 8. False

Question 9. A

Question 10. B

Question 11. D

Question 12. B

Question 13. A

Question 14. C

Question 15. C

Question 16. have been waiting

Question 17. were talking – came

Question 18. has not used

Question 19. to become

Question 20. riding

Question 21. A

Question 22. A

Question 23. D

Question 24. A

Question 25. non-profit

Question 26. invention

Question 27. excited

Question 28. meaningful

Question 29. smash hit

Question 30. competition

Question 31. habit

Question 32. community

Question 33. interested in this book

Question 34. was performed in New York by Rihana last year

Question 35. me stop playing computer games

Question 36. seen such a beautiful sunset before

Question 37. The first television was demonstrated in 1927 in San Francisco.

Question 38. Yes, they are flat.

Question 39. Because of the invention of smart TV.

Question 40. The percentage of the world’s households owned a television set is 79%.