Trang Chủ Lớp 9 Đề kiểm tra 1 tiết lớp 9

THCS Đông Hoà – Thi giữa kì 1 môn Tiếng Anh lớp 9 năm 2021

Đề thi giữa kì 1 tiếng Anh lớp 9 dưới đây vừa được sưu tầm và đăng tải của trường THCS Đông Hoà tổng hợp nhiều dạng bài tập tiếng Anh lớp 9 giúp các em ôn tập những kỹ năng tiếng Anh cơ bản hiệu quả



MÃ ĐỀ 002


MÔN: TIẾNG ANH 9 – NĂM HỌC: 2021-2022

Thời gian làm bài 45 phút

I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others.

1. A. buildings       B. schools       C. zoos        D. markets

2. A. invited      B. visited       C. wished      D. rested

3. A. what      B. who          C. where       D. which

4. A. life     B. wife      C. mine      D. dinner

5. A. artificial    B. province    C. special     D. facial

II. Choose a,b,c or d to comptete the following sentences.

6. No one knows why the man ______ _ .

A. killed     B. kills       C. is killed         D. was killed

7. She has worked in this company __________seven days.

A. in     B.on      D. for

8. Where is your home village ?. It is ___________the north of Ho Chi Minh city .

A. on     B. at       C. to        D. after

9. Miss Hoa is very. She goes to church every morning.

A.religious          B.religiously       C.religion       D.religioner

10. Did he live in the country when he was young?

A.use to       B.used to     C.get used to used to

11. Jame wishes his father here now to help him

A. is     B.were        C.will be          D.would be

12. French with native people yet ?

A. Did you learn    B. were you learning

C. do you learn     D. have you learnt

13. Is this the second time you __________ a car ?

A. drive              B. drove

C. have driven        D.are driving

III. Choose the word or phrase that is CLOSEST in meaning to the underlined part in each of the following sentences.

14. It is risky to travel across the mountain at night.

A. safe    B. unsafe       C. convenient        D. inconvenient

15. Nam would like to find out more about the customs and traditions of Tay people.

A. to see     B. to look for    C. to learn    D. to watch

IV. Choose the word or phrase that is OPPOSITE in meaning to the underlined part in each of the following sentences.

16. The majority of The Viet live along the Red River and The Mekong Delta.

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A. a half     B. all          C. minority         D. none

17. Gong is considered a unique musical instrument of Tay Nguyen people.

A. rare      B. special        C. typical          D. common

18. Choose the best answer to complete the short dialogues.

–“How do you do?” –“______________.”

A. How do you do?      B. Not too bad.

C. I’m well. Thank you.    D. Yeah, OK.

19. –“Happy Christmas!” –“____________.”

A. The same to you!     B. Happy Christmas with you!

C. You are the same!     D. Same for you!

VI.Choose the underlined part that needs correcting in each sentence below.

20. Books can be used (A) as a tool opening (B)up (C) new worlds for (D) children.

21.Spend (A)time with family can always be (B)the most precious(C)experience (D)to anyone.

22. My dad has been (A)a(B) stamp collection(C) for more (D) than 20 years.

23. Traditional (A), people in this mountainous (B) area live (C) a nomadic (D) life.

24. How many(A) month is(B)Huong Pagoda Festival held(C)in(D?

VII. Read the text and choose the best answer to complete each sentences below.

A young man from Germany named Levi Strauss arrived in California in 1850. He went there to sell things to the miners. He saw that the miners needed strong pants, so he began to make them. He used cloth that people made tents from. He put rivets on the pockets to make them strong because the men put rocks in their pockets. These pants were very strong and lasted a long time. The pants became very popular immediately.

Later Mr. Strauss started making Jeans from cotton cloth from Nimes, France. People called this cloth denim. Denim was popular in the fifteenth century. Christopher Columbus used denim for the sails of his ship. Sailors in Genoa, Italy, wore denim pants. The word “Jeans” comes from the words “Genoa”. Mr. Strauss made the first Jeans in the United States, but the idea and the kind of cloth came from Europe. The name came from France and Italy.Jeans were always blue until presently. People used indigo to dye them. Indigo is the oldest dye in the world. Most Jeans have blue threads going across and white threads going up and down. These two colors make denim look different from other kinds of cloth.

25. The word denim comes from the name of a city in ………………

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A. France         B.  India        C.Italy         D.  Germany

26. The word jeans is from the name of a city in ………………………

A . France       B. The United States       C.   Italy      D.  Germany

27. Levi Strauss went to California to ………………………. .

A  sell things to miners          B.  look for gold        C. make jeans          D. be  a sailor

28. Rivets…………………………………..

A.  make good sails           B.  make tents strong

C. come from Genoa          D. make the pockets of jeans strong

29. Cloth is made from thousands of …………………… .________

A. tents     B.  sails      C.  factories   D. threads

VIII. Choose A, B ,C or D to complete the following passage.

I came to this village five years ago because I wanted to teach people about modern health care. I will be leaving in about two months. I wish  I __(30)____longer, but it’s time for me to go home.

My work  here has been very interesting. I am learning so much. I always wish that  there would be  more hours in the day ____(31)______I could do more works here.

Maybe it’s silly, but I worry about _____(32)_______will happen to the villagers after I leave. I wish my students _____(33)______all the things I’ve tried ___(34)______them.

30. A. can stay   B. could stay       C. stay        D. will stay

31.A. so that      B. but     C. and      D. because

32. A. which    B. what      C. why       D. when

33. A. remember   B. remembered          C. can remember    D. will remember

34. A. taught    B. teaching     C. to teach       D. to teaching

IX. Circle the correct sentence (A,B , C or D) made from the suggested words.

35.there / many /jeans /  are / in /my /store /clothing.

A. There many jeans are in my clothing store.

B. There are many jeans in my clothing store.

C. Many jeans are there in my clothing store.

D. In my clothing store are many jeans there.

36.haven’t  / Sue / we/ a / time /  seen /  for /  long  /.

A.Sue haven’t seen we for a long time.

B.  We haven’t seen Sue for a time  long.

C. We haven’t seen Sue for long a time.

D.  We haven’t seen Sue for a long time.

37.being /  it / that / unsafe  / block / down /of  / because / is / flats  / pulled / is /.    

A. That block of flats is being pulled down because it is unsafe.

B. That block is being pulled down because it is unsafe of flats.

C. It is unsafe because that block of flats is being down pulled.

D. That block of flats is pulled down because it is being unsafe.

X. Choose the best answer (a.b.c or d. ) that is the same meaning with the italic sentence.

38.What a pity !you aren’t here  with us now.                                       

A. I wish you aren’t here with us now.

B. I wish you weren’t here with us now.

C. I wish you were here with us now.

D. I wish you would be here wish us now.

39. Playing board games is very interesting.

A. It is very interested in playing board games.

B. It is very interested to play board games.

C. It is very interesting playing board games.

D. It is very interesting to play board games.

40.He usually plays the piano at night.                                                   

A. He used to play the piano at night.

B. He is used to play the piano at night .

C. He is used to playing the piano at night.

D. He was used to playing the piano at night.

===== The end=====

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