Trang Chủ Bài tập SGK lớp 5 Bài tập Family & Friends Special Grade 5

Review 2 – Family & Friends Special Edittion Grade 5: Write the words under the correct sound.

Review 2 – Family & Friends Special Edittion Grade 5. Giải bài tập Review 2 – Family & Friends Special Edittion Grade 5. Write the words under the correct sound.

1. Complete the crossword.

2. sneaker

3. team

4. recorder

5. jacket

6. stage

7. trophy

8. cheer

2. Write. cheered     concert    drums     violin   stage     audience

Emily and Joe are both ten. On Wednesdays they go to music lessons. Emily is learning the 1_violin_ and Joe is learning the 2____ . Last week they performed in a 3_____ at the music at school. Emily went up on the 4_____ first. Then it was time for Joe. They were nervous, but they played well. The 5_____ clapped and 6______ . Emily and Joe were very pround.

2. drums

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3. concert

4. stage

5. audience

6. cheered


Emily và Joe đều lên 10 tuổ. vào ngày thứ Tư, họ tới buổi học nhạc. Emily đang học violin và Joe đang học trống. Cuối tuần, họ tham gia một buổi hòa nhạc ở trường. Emily lên sân khấu trước tiên. Sau đó là đến Joe. Họ lo lắng nhưng họ chơi rất tốt. Khán giả vỗ tay và chúc mừng. Emily và Joe rất tự hào.

3. Read. Then write what Mia did yesterday afternoon.

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Mia watched TV yesterday afternoon. It was about dinosaur museum. Some of the dinosaur bones were really big. Her brother was playing soccer outside.

4. Match the question with the answer.

1. Where did you go yesterday?

2. What did you see?

3. Did you buy anything there?

4. Did you eat after the movie?

5. What did you think of the movie?

a. Yes, I ate dinner at home.

b. I went to the movies.

c. I thought it was great.

d. I saw a movie about tigers.

e. Yes, I bought a drink.

1 – b

2 – d

3 – e

4 – a

5 – c

5. Write. hers   theirs   mine   yours   ours   his

2. theirs

3. ours

4. hers

5. his

6. mine

6. Write the words under the correct sound.

blue  light   bike   coat   sky   nose   room   flute   blow

Long i


Long o

Long u

Long i




Long o




Long u




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