Trang Chủ Sách bài tập lớp 10 SBT Tiếng Anh 10 - Thí điểm

Writing – trang 27 Unit 8 SBT Anh lớp 10 Thí điểm: Write a paragraph about a boy who learnt how to make delicious cakes?


Unit 8: New Ways To Learn – Các Cách Mới để Học SBT Anh lớp 10 mới. Writing – trang 27 Unit 8 Sách Bài Tập Tiếng Anh 10 Thí điểm.

1. Rearrange the following sentences into a paragraph about a girl who learnt how to make chilli sauce, using the Internet. Write the correct order in the box. (Sắp xếp lại các câu sau vào đoạn văn về một cô gái đã học cách làm nước sốt ớt, sử dụng Internet. Viết đúng thứ tự trong hộp.)

a Although I was in pain, I felt happy because my father liked the chilli sauce very much.

b. Two hours later, when the sauce was ready, I was in terrible pain because my hands got severely burnt by the chilli.

c. Right after clicking on the search engine button, I saw tens of pages giving recipes for making chilli sauce on the screen of my laptop.

d. I had to spend several hours of that evening surfing the Internet again to find cures for chilli burns.

e It was my father’s birthday and I decided to use the Internet to make him a unique present – chilli sauce.

f. Then I read through the recipes, chose the one I liked best and carefully followed all the instructions.













2. Write a paragraph about a boy who learnt how to make delicious cakes and bread from the Internet, using the cues below.

Viết một đoạn về một cậu bé học cách làm bánh ngọt và bánh mỳ ngon từ Internet, sử dụng các dấu hiệu bên dưới.

1. My classmate Hiep / special boy / can make / nice-looking / delicious cakes / bread /.

2. He / tell / us / his interest / bakery / begin / he / be / only 10 / old /.

3, One day / he / see / beautiful images /cakes / bread / Internet / become curious /.

4. This curiosity / motivate / look for / online recipes / make / cakes / bread /.

5. Hiep / download / recipes / follow / instructions /carefully / several months later / become / well-known / at school / as / good baker /.

6. Last summer / he / work / café / bake / cakes / give / lessons / bakery / girls /.

 1. My classmate Hiep is a special boy who can make very nice-looking and delicious cakes and bread.

2. He told us that his interest in bakery began when he was only 10 years old.

3. One day, he saw beautiful images of cakes and bread on the Internet and became curious.

4. This curiosity motivated him to look for online recipes for making cakes and bread.

5. Hiep downloaded some recipes, followed the instructions carefully and several months later he became well-known at school as a good baker.

6. Last summer, he worked in a café, baking cakes and giving lessons on bakery to girls.